But I can’t do CrossFit I am too…

For those of us that do CrossFit, I am sure you have heard someone in your life say “I can’t do CrossFit I am too [insert excuse here].” They range from too out of shape, too weak, too old, too fat, too lazy, too busy, and too uncoordinated. When I hear all these excuses, it makes me cringe. Most of the time I feel like I hide it pretty well, but sometimes I know this is not the case as I am not the most subtle person in the world!

These excuses are all apart of that person’s fear. Fear comes in many forms and we all fall victim to listening to our own fears. Someone smarter than me once said that fear is an acronym that stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. This couldn’t be more true. The judgmental voice that we have in our own heads is so far removed from how others see us, it should be comical. But, this voice is what stops us trying new things and stepping outside our comfort zone. Sometimes all it takes to overcome your F.E.A.R is being able to recognize that it is happening.

So for this upcoming week I challenge you to identify when your F.E.A.R is stopping you from doing something and then do it anyway. Don’t let something that scares you hold you back from trying it. As we start bring a buddy week next week I am sure you will hear all the excuses I mentioned above. Ask your friend or family member what they are afraid of and what do they have to lose besides an hour of their day. At the very least they will hate it but get a great workout, and at the most you will convert them into a CrossFit junkie. Most likely it will be somewhere in between, but only if they can overcome that little voice inside their head.

I am looking forward to meeting all your buddies! Thanks for reading.

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor


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