Meet a Member – Corey Regini

Hi Corey, tell us about yourself, where you grew up, work, school, family etc.
I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa and I’m the oldest of four kids. I went to HS in Milwaukee, Wi and moved to Missoula to go to college. In HS I was on the soccer team and also on the football team! I was the kicker. I graduated from UM in 2009 with a BS in chemistry. I started working at the KettleHouse that July and I’m still there. I’ve worked most of the jobs on the production side of the brewery: canning line, filter operator, packaging manager and brewer. Currently, I am the Lead Brewer at the Northside which is our production brewery. Every KH can gets brewed and canned at the Northside. My original recipes include Sapped Out Maple Stout, Female Cream Ale and Cooler Times Kolsch Style Ale. I am also heavily involved in the Pink Boots Society and started the Montana Chapter.

What were you doing before CrossFit and what made you want to get into it?
Before I starting doing Crossfit I was just a runner. My brother introduced me to Crossfit and I’m hooked. I took a break from crossfit in the spring of 2014 when I was training for the Missoula marathon. I ending up finishing the marathon in 6 hours flat. I broke my foot between miles 12 and 13. I have a little bit of a competitive spirit and was determined to finish my first marathon. I did not know my foot was broken. After missing a month of work and 6 months of exercise I rejoined crossfit and haven’t looked back. I completed my second half marathon in July in a new personal best of 1 hour and 59 minutes.

You’ve been seeing some awesome results the last few months can you talk a bit about what those are and how you got there?
After the half marathon I upped my crossfit membership to unlimited. I’ve been coming five days a week for the past two months. I did see improvements coming two days a week but recently my gains have been exponential. I’m down 22lbs and 8.5% body fat. In the spring I completed the drop it like its hot challenge and that helped me get back on the mostly paleo eating train. I also am so much stronger now. I recently PR’d my back squat, push-press, snatch and power clean!


What keeps you motivated and training regularly at 5 Valleys CrossFit?
I keep coming back to 5 Valleys Crossfit for so many reasons! First off, I have seen such an improvement in not only my physical appearance but my mental health. I am so much happier. I’ve found its easier to succeed with the amazing support 5 Valleys Crossfit provides. Ian and Liz are great coaches and resources when I have other questions. I love how the workouts are constantly changing and always challenging. All of the coaches are great! They are constantly encouraging, providing technique tips and pushing me to lifting just a little more. I would not have seen the improvements I made with out the coaches! I also really enjoy the other members of the gym. Everyone is constantly encouraging each other and providing tips or personal experiences. 5 Valleys isn’t just a gym its a lifestyle and a family.

As lead brewer at the Northside Kettlehouse you’ve got easy access to a lot of beer. How do you keep yourself in check and do you have any tips for avoiding temptation for others?
Working at the brewery can be challenging while trying to meet healthy eating goals. Do I drink beer?! Heck yes I do! However, I have significantly cut down on the number of beers I drink. I could have a pint after every shift I work but instead I choose to attend a crossfit class or walk my dogs. Instead of having two beers I have one and take my time to enjoy it. I also have a terrible sweet tooth. I highly encourage people to participate in one of the challenges that 5 Valleys puts on or even a 21 day sugar detox. Both of these helped me get my sweet tooth under control and I can honestly say I rarely eat sweets these days. I also bought a local Community Garden Share this year. This has forced me to eat way more vegetables. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has also made me try vegetables I would never buy. Turns out I like damn near vegetable you can grow in Missoula!


What are your goals for the last few months of 2015?
My fitness goals for the rest of 2015 are to continue to get stronger and get leaner! I know my welcome card to the 200lb squat club is right around the corner as well as the more than five pull ups club!

What would your favorite Pandora station be to workout to?
I am a horrible DJ. I honestly love most stations that are played at the gym, except Country. Rap and hiphop stations are my kind of workout music.

When we can’t find you at the gym or brewing beer at work where will you most likely be?
If I’m not brewing or at the gym you would definitely find me in my kitchen!! I love to cook, pretty much nonstop! And otherwise I’d be spend time with my boyfriend and my two dogs!

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