A Year in Review

Another year is winding down, can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday 2015 was beginning. But, with only 3 weeks until January 1st hits, 2016 is about to start. I thought I would take this time to reflect on the year that was, and if I forget anything feel free to comment below!

Let’s start at the start shall we. In February, we received a giant package from Rogue and saw the gym gain a bunch of new equipment including a giant new pull-up rig! It has been put to good use ever since. In February the CrossFit Open kicked off and we had 17 people compete as the 5 Valleys Burpee Monsters. After 5 weeks of workouts the Burpee Monsters finished up in 111th place (there were over 700 teams) in the NorthWest Regional. How many more people will compete in 2016?

5VCF was sad to say goodbye to coach Emily in March as she headed to join her new hubby in Savannah, Georgia. Maybe, one day they will be back to visit 😉

In May, 8 peeps headed to Helena to compete in the Spring Fling. We saw PR’s, everyone competed their hearts out, and had a blast! In June, we had an addition to our coaching staff with coach Nick coming on board. The ladies only Barbell Snatcher competition ran in August with 7 ladies competing and crushing some weights. Many new PR’s were hit that night. We also got some new swag in August, cos you have to represent!

Another new addition to the coaching staff came on board in September. Keane started working with the high school athlete program and hopefully everyone will benefit from having him teach gym-nasty skills. October was a big month for the Hellgate high school boys soccer team as they took out the State championship! A lot of the boys had been working hard on their strength and conditioning all year at 5VCF and it paid off.

November was our 1 year anniversary as 5 Valleys CrossFit and we had a great shindig to celebrate! We also celebrated the upcoming birth of Coach Mandee’s baby (any day now!) with a baby WOD on Saturday morning where everyone got to workout with balloons under their shirts. On Tuesday, we got some new hoodies and t-shirts in to round out the year. Make sure you get em’ while they are still available!

Woah! It’s been a big one. There has been a lot of big things happen, but most of all, the year has been great because of our amazing community (that’s you guys!), working hard everyday to improve your health and fitness. While it is always great to look back on what you have achieved, I for one am excited for what 2016 is about to bring!

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor


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