3 Reasons to Sign Up for Open this Year

3 Reasons to Sign Up for Open this Year

Open season is upon us. Some of you are counting down the days till the first workout is released, some are dreading it and others are oblivious to this even occurring… “Open? What Open?”

For those of you who haven’t heard, the CrossFit Open is the first step on the road to the CrossFit games. Everyone must compete if they want to a chance at becoming the fittest in the world. It comprises of 5 workouts spread out over 5 weeks that you complete. For the second year the powers that be will include a scaled option for a more inclusive competition. I mean, not everyone can bust out handstand pushups, muscle ups and double unders, now can they? If you haven’t heard a coach talking about in class urging you to sign up, I am going to do it now. Here are 3 reasons why:

It is really really, like, really fun! We will do the workouts as a group on Friday nights and you will be able to cheer each other on, meet members that you haven’t seen before because maybe they only workout before the crack of dawn, and after you finish you can spend some time socializing! Each member that signs up will get to be apart of the 5VCF team, and teams are fun. 🙂 It is a great way to test your fitness. Competing is a great way to push yourself to a new level, get PR’s, and maybe, just maybe, surprise yourself by how fit/strong you actually are. The intensity at which you will complete the Open workouts will generally be a step above the regular classes because not only will you have your own personal judge counting your reps, you will have an even more supportive cheer squad. If that doesn’t get your booty moving a bit faster, then I don’t know what will.

The workouts will expose any weaknesses you may have. At first glance this may not sound like a compelling reason to sign up, but it is! The workouts are fairly well rounded with most of the movements you use each day in the classes. This means you will get to test them all out and then will know what you need to work on to be a more well rounded athlete. Because the workouts and weights are prescribed you may surprise yourself in what you can or can’t do.

Like I said up above there is scaled options for the workouts and we will scale further if we need to, but everyone can test their mettle if they choose! I highly recommend it and hope that many will sign up. Go to games.crossfit.com to register and then start visualizing your successes!

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor


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