Over the Christmas break, Ian and I got to spend a few days in Fernie, B.C. It was pretty awesome! We went snowboarding, saw a minor league hockey game, ate some really great food and hit up CrossFit Fernie. We may have overdid a little bit, trying to workout and snowboard back to back to back days, but it was worth it. It is always fun to check out how different gyms are run and be able to just show up and get a workout in.

The workouts were tough! I joked with the owner that I was pumped to actually finish the workout on the last day, because I failed to finish the first two days (both of those days were time capped). In the past, not finishing a workout especially in a setting that wasn’t my own, would have made me upset. I probably would of been a bit embarrassed and been worried about what the others were thinking about me. Not anymore! I am much more aware that everyone, including myself, is on their own journey. Comparing myself to others or trying to live up to some fabled ideal that I have in my head does not help matters. I knew that during both those workouts I did my best, while also realizing that I have a lot of things still to work on (handstand push-ups, I will master you!).

Really, isn’t the challenge of improving yourself, one of the reasons why CrossFit appeals to you? I know it does for me. Not only do I get a great workout in but each and every day I can improve upon a new skill, build strength, create relationships, all while having a kick ass time. What more can you ask for?

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