Member of the Month – Donovan Power

Shout out to Donovan Power, our latest Member of the Month!! He’s been training at 5 Valleys since it’s inception. A dedicated MontanaFitter he gets after it in the gym so he can get after it in all of his outdoor pursuits. He takes challenging himself and having fun seriously and isn’t afraid to combine the two. If you’ve met Donovan he likely has tried to recruit you to go skiing, go mountain biking, work out, watch sports, or grab a beer. Keep up the awesome work D it is great having you at the gym!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself (background, work, fun, etc.)

I am the principal scientist at Power Economic Consulting (geologist) and the Director of the Missoula Freestyle Ski Team (stone cold shredder). I grew up in Missoula, skied on the U.S. Ski Team for a stint, attended the U of M, went to grad school at UW, and then moved back home to meet my wifey. I love shredding on bikes and skis and swimming in Montana lakes. I have a doodle named Taco and he keeps me outside as much as possible.

What were you doing for fitness before you joined?

My gym fitness was at random gyms around town sweating on as many things as I possible could. You could find me jealously guarding a squat rack and any kind of platform. When Ian and Liz moved back from Kiwi-Land I immediately was recruited into the ranks. Ian had me heaving at a local park before he even had a gym space. I have been ride or die 5 Valley ever since.

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to joining?

I am not sure that I understand the question? I will assume you meant challenge related to joining a “Box”… Not a problem. I love meatheads, gym rats, or whoever. I wear baggy clothes when I cycle but I ride with equal smiles among the spandex clad crews too. As long as people like to smile and exercise I’m in.

As far as physical challenges, in case I got that one wrong… I skied on the National Team for 5 years, climbed Denali and skied it, and recovered from a broken C2 vertebrae that made me lie down for 3 super boring months. Those were all serious physical challenges. Like, life altering.

How did that challenge make you feel?

I do not want to try any of those challenges again. They are super duper hard and I do not have the mental state to do it again. I have new challenges now that don’t involve professional sports or near death experiences. But I was extremely proud to rep the U.S. when I skied, I cried and was scared on top of Denali, and I can’t even begin to tell you what it is like to break your neck like that. Skip it. That is the best advice.

What changed after joining?

I actually enjoy going to the gym now. It has always been a grind and part of it will always be. Exercising indoors is a means to an end. It has to be for something. For me it is so I can ride my bike and ski, crash, get up and do it again… all day. Or at least 2/3 of the day and then drink a few beers and tell lies about how rad we were.

What specific results can you share (Improvements/accomplishments in the gym and life)?

Geez gym and life? I’ll place it all on the gym’s ample shoulders. Since I joined I got shredded, got a dog, a house, and I got married. It is like a positive country and western song.

What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining?

Giv’er fucking hell. People are super nice, they will actively help you to get better, and Ian absolutely knows his shit. I trust no other mentor more than Ian for my fitness. That has been true for a very long time for me. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.