5VCF Workout For Wednesday, June 3rd

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Zoom Workout

3 Rounds:
:20 Side plank – R
:20 Side Plank – L
10 Sumo Squat
5 Inch worm + Push-up


2 Rounds:
12 Goodmorning/RDL
:30 Supine Plank
12 Airsquats up/over

Part A:
Pause Front Squat:
4×5 w/:03 pause at bottom

Part B:
Burpee over object
Russian Twist ea side
Goblet Squat

Gym Workout

2 rounds:
400m run
10 sumo squat
10 curls w/empty bar
10 push press w/empty bar

Part A:
8:00 EMOM:
min 1) 8 KB Sit-up (4 ea arm)
min 2) :30 weighted plank from forearms

Part B:
Every 3:00 for 15:00:
10 Handstand push-up
10 pull-up
10 Squat Clean