5 Signs You Need a Personal Trainer

1 – Your progress has stalled

You’ve been at the game for awhile and initially had great success. Lately it seems like you aren’t making any progress and you have lost some of the motivation and enthusiasm to workout.

Working 1 on 1 with the right trainer can help you bust through these plateaus. A good trainer will help you identify areas of improvement, keep you on top of solid lifestyle principles outside the gym, and make sure you are having fun and enjoying the process.

2 – You have specific goals you want to achieve

When you have very specific goals you want to reach you also need a very specific plan to reach them. Group classes or following a program template can be fantastic for general fitness. They don’t address your specific wants and needs.

Working with a trainer you will get a customized plan to reach your goals. You will also have someone to adjust and adapt your workouts along the way to make sure you continually make progress towards what you want to achieve.

3 – You aren’t sure if your form or technique is correct

If you workout on your own and have never had someone coach you through certain movements it is difficult to know if you are doing them safely and effectively.

Group classes where someone teaches the movement and will give you technique feedback is a step in the right direction.

But, working one on one with a coach or trainer will help you truly master different movements and takeĀ  your workouts to the next level.

4 – You want to see results faster

If you consistently work out in a group class or on your own you will see some great results over time.

If you want to accelerate those results you need a customized training plan and someone to help you implement it.

A great trainer will look at all the factors in your life like diet, sleep, schedule, etc. and help support you in areas in and out of the gym so you can be successful.

5 – You struggle to go to the gym on your own

Maybe you started off hot, joined a gym, and got after it for a few weeks or months. Little by little motivation waned and you started to find reasons not to go.

Once you found one reason it was easy to find another and another and now you are struggling to get back at it consistently.

You can choose to feel guilty about this and beat yourself up or you can choose a different path.

Having a set appointment with someone who is invested in you being successful and having some fun is likely just what you need.

You might not be jumping with joy to show up every time. But, knowing that someone is there waiting for you and that after the workout you will feel fantastic will push you over the edge towards success!

At MontanaFit we start everyone that is new to our gym with a series of Introductory Personal Training sessions so we can get them started on the right foot.

We also have options for people to continually work 1 on 1 with one of our expert coaches.

Schedule a call today to find out more about getting started with us or adding in some ongoing personal training to your program.