Tighten up your Core!

We have all likely heard “You need a stronger core.” or thought to ourselves “I really need to strengthen my core.” Unfortunately we don’t usually know why or the best way how.

A strong core is important for moving safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The primary role of the core is to stablize our midsection.  This allows us to resist forces and coordinate movement between upper and lower body.

If you watch high level skiers or sprinters (or many other athletes) you will see just how little movement there is through their midsection.

Conversely if you watch very beginners at these endeavours you will see a ton of movement through their midsections. They are all over the place and super inefficient.

While some sports and activities require strong rotation through the core (e.g. golf & baseball) most rely on having stability through the core.

One way to get a stronger core is simply by lifting weights. Specifically free weights (using most machines takes away any core activation needs).

Doing squats, deadlifts and presses and progressively increasing loads will concurrently strengthen your core as you engage those muscles in order to do the lift properly.

Another is to do some specific core exercises.

Combine both lifting with some specific core work and that’s going to be a winning formula for a bulletproof core!

Below is a short follow core along routine you could add in 2-3 times per week to tighten up that core and help you crush your pursuits outside the gym.

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For each of the following exercises do 2 rounds of 25 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest. Check out the video for demonstrations and you can just follow along until you have it dialed in.

Bear Crawl

Side Plank – Right Side

Side Plank – Left Side


Plank Mountain Climbers