Workout for Monday, July 19th

Outdoor Classes will be coached on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am at Kiwanis Park.
At Home Workout

6:00 AMRAP:
5 Inchworm + push-up
10 Sumo Squat
8 Kick-sit
25 Jumping Jacks

Part A:
4 Rounds:
:40 Renegade Row (L arm)
:20 Rest
:40 SA Floor Press (L arm)
:20 Rest
:40 Renegade Row (R arm)
:20 rest
:40 SA Floor Press (R arm)
:20 rest

Part B:
16:00 EMOM:
Min 1) 15 sit-ups/weighted sit-up
Min 2) 20 Jump lunges
Min 3) 10 SDHP
Min 4) 12 SA Alternating Snatch (6 ea arm)

Gym Workout

Build Day Part A:
3 Rounds:
:40 work / :20 rest
– Alt SA KB/DB Seated Strict Press
– Alt Spiderman Plank

*For the strict press, athletes will hold a kb in each hand. one kb stays in front rack while opposite hand does the strict press, alternate like that for the time.

Build Day Part B:
Every 10:00 x 2 Rounds:
Deadlift (60%-70% 3RM)
DB Floor Press
SA KB/DB Sit-up(split reps between arms)

This is not a race, you can do this smooth and steady. Minimize rest, focus on your breathing and make proper form the priority here.

If you think it will take you over 6 or 7 minutes to finish, consider lowering the reps to: 16-12-8:

Can use different weights for floor press and kb/db sit-up

Athletes can go up to 75% 3RM if they want an added challenge, but you are still looking for a sub 7:00 finish