Workout for Saturday, September 4th

Gym Workout

2-Person workout: 1.vs.1 style
For Time: (40:00 cap)
150 Wallballs each

The goal is to finish your 150 wallballs before your partner. However, you can only do wallballs while the other partner works through:
25 KBS
10 Burpee

Keep switching places after athlete finishes swings and burpees. If one athlete finishes all the wallballs, the other athlete can just finish all their remaining wallballs.

You will want to be agressive on both parts, you want to get as many wallballs as you can in that short time, but you also want to move fast through the swings and burpees so your partner does not have a lot of time for wallballs

Keep a whiteboard with you so you can keep track of your reps. . make sure you get all your reps.