Workout for Wednesday, August 4th

Outdoor Classes will be coached on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am at Kiwanis Park.
At Home Workout

8:00 warmup pace:
10 Kang Squat
5 inchworm + push-up
30 jumping jack

Part A:
4 Rounds:
10 Curls (5 sa curls ea)
:30 Hollow Hold
10 FR step-up (5 ea side)
:30 Plank

Part B:
Goblet Squat
burpee over kb

Gym Workout

Athletic Day Part A:
8:00 Clock:
Find heavy single Power Clean

rest 2:00

:90 AMRAP x 2 rounds
ME Power Clean @ 60% heavy single from today

:90 rest between rounds

Athletic Day Part B:
For Time: (10:00 cap)
DB Thruster (50/35)
Ring Dip/Box Dips

**For added challenge, athlets can change the thruster to a HANG CLUSTER, still holding db in ea hand**