Last Thursday I started myself on a new path in regards to my nutrition. I am going to be working with a coach. It is super exciting and scary at the same time! For the past 5 years I have followed a paleo approach to eating. There has been no tracking, weighing or measuring but just a focus on animal protein, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. I haven’t been perfect by any means, and if I felt like eating ice cream or a doughnut then I have.

When I first starting eating this way, I was about 6 months into starting CrossFit and I literally melted away. It was amazing! Within 30 days the transformation was very noticeable. I felt great and my workouts were great, and then over time they weren’t and I didn’t feel so great. It definitely is not only attributable to my nutrition, I was intensely studying to become a Chiropractor and working and trying to have a life (I’m pretty sure that contributed to overall wellbeing!). But since settling into life in Missoula and really getting into consistent training again, my paleo way of eating is not cutting it for my goals anymore. I tried making modifications myself, only to realize that I am not the best person to hold myself accountable. That is why I am going to be working with a coach. This person that I may never meet except via email and Facebook, is invested in me and my goals. They are working with me in my best interests, but they can only be as helpful as I allow. If they don’t have all the information or the correct information about what is going on, it is hard to help. By not being honest and upfront with my concerns, trials and successes, their hands are tied.

The same goes for you and our coaches in the gym. If there is something that you are concerned about or you aren’t achieving what you want or getting the help you need, reach out. The coaches are yours and are there to help you. We are invested in you. If our members (that’s you!) aren’t achieving their goals and having their needs met, then yes, it is a reflection on us, but we can only work with the information given.

Feel free to ask me how my nutrition journey is going! I would love to share it with you.

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor