Young Athlete Program

As Missoula’s Premier Strength and Conditioning Facility we are dedicated to providing Young Athletes with the fitness foundation they need to excel in their sports. We have seasonal strength and conditioning programs for Young Athletes to prepare for the demands of their sport and be able perform optimally.

Benefits of a Functional Training Program for Young Athletes

– Increase body awareness and coordination

– Reduce the risk of injury

– Improve speed and power

– Increase both strength and endurance

– Allow more time for sport specific skill development during practices

Upcoming 2022 Summer Session

Our 2022 Summer Session Kicks off on Monday, June 13th and runs until Thursday, August 11th

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Session time options are as follows:

1pm – Guys session

2pm – Ladies session

3pm – All Athletes

Choose either 3x/week option or 2x/week option (can come any two days each week)

Investment for the program is 2 payments of $149 for the 2x/week option and 2 payments of $219 for the 3x/week option.

One payment upon registering and the next one will be 4 weeks later.

Steps to Register

  1. Click the link below and finalize registration
  2. Fill out our online waiver which you should be redirected to after completing registration (must be filled out by parent if under 18).

Click Here to Register for the 3x/week Option

Click Here to Register for the 2x/week Option

If you have any questions please call 406-529-1733 or email